Tyrone Thomas of Address Express USA: American-Made Custom Mailboxes & Reflective 911 Address Signs

Submitted by d@niel on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 05:08
911 need highly reflective address signs, and Address Express USA has the greatest luminosity and finst quality I've ever seen.


Hi, folks; d@niel here ~;-)

Since before this century began, I've built my reputation for the integrity of my words, and my actions.  So has Tyrone Thomas, as his Five-Star Rating shows.

Consider this: I contacted Address Express USA (from several states away), registered this domain and built this Web site, just to help others more easily find him.

Why? Because there's more to 'USPS-Approved Mailboxes' and 'Reflective Address Signs' than you might think, and especially to the ones he offers…

The Mailbox on our farm was made in America, too. I put fine brass house numbers on it, and after it was hit a second time? I highlighted it with reflective tape. I still get cold pizza: It's just that hard to see in the dark.

And, when I hear sirens? I, and others around our close-knit community, stand by the road to redirect them to the right house. Minutes are lost, when seconds most likely count. He helps to fix that.

It's hard to see the difference online, and I've no formal measures of luminosity, but to me? It's obvious that his 911 Emergency address signs are extremely reflective, and the fact he strives to source only the best material from here in America is almost as important as the signs themselves.

Everything, from post to flag, to the mailboxes themselves, Made in USA. I'll fly no flags, printed or sewn elsewhere, and sorta feel the same way about the box in front of my home. Our coal miners heat American steel workers' furnaces, and so on… and that's how this nation feeds it's families.

It's more than a 'pride' thing; it's the 'right' thing. If you look through his pictures on Facebook? You can't help but notice the superior quality and workmanship, right down to his meticulous installations.

That why he stands behind what he sells, and why I'm glad to support his efforts.